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Accu-Chek Mobile Diabetes Test Strip Cassette – 50 Tests


What is the Accu-Chek Mobile Diabetes Test Strip Cassettes?

This Accu-Check Mobile Cassette is a fast and easy way of testing the glucose level in your blood without using strips. This design helps with unintentional contact with the test area, resulting in easier blood application. It is compatible with the all-in-one Accu-Chek Mobile blood glucose monitoring system (sold separately).

Why is it called a strip cassette when it doesn’t have strips?

The reason why they are still referred to as strips is that of the fact that it is a familiar term to use. Also, they are technically strips, just instead of being separate, they are all a part of one continuous piece of tape. This makes it easier to use.

Who is Accu-Check Mobile Cassette suitable for?

It is suitable for anyone with diabetes who needs an easy way to test their blood sugar level.

What’s the difference between this new cassette and the old one?

This new cassette has improved handling when it comes to contact with the cassette when testing the blood. The green label on the package will tell you if you have a new cassette.

Is alternative side testing still possible with this new cassette?

No, this cassette is only compatible with finger testing.

Can old cassettes still be used?

If they are still in date, then yes they can.

How do I use the new cassette?

Unlike the old cassette, where you would have been told to hold the monitoring system upright, this new cassette allows you to simply hold it in a way that lets you see the test area.