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BD Micro-Fine Ultra™ 4mm Penta Point

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Micro-Fine BD Ultra pens Penta Point 4 100 mm needles needles are refills for insulin injector pens.

These needles fit on all the pens of diabetes treatment, regardless of the pen and/or insulin used. The specially designed screws no ensures a fixation on the pen.

The tip is easy to penetrate the skin thanks to its Pentapoint technology.The injection is short and pain is minimized thanks to ParoiFine technology.The lower part of the needle also contains a lubricant and fits on all of the cartridges of drugs intended for the treatment of diabetes.They significantly reduce the risk of intramuscular injection and contribute to reduce the risk of hypoglycemia.

The injection technique is simplified and anxiety is reduced.These needles can be used by all patients, regardless of their BMI.


Needles comptatible with all the pens insulin injectors.

Directions for use:

Single-use needles.Refer to the operating instructions inside the box.


Box of 100 needles.Size: 4mm x 32 g (0.23 mm).