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Contour Next One Blood Glucose Meter

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What is the Contour® our Next One?

The Contour® Next One is the ground-breaking blood glucose monitoring system from Contour®. It communicates wirelessly with the Contour® Diabetes smartphone app, so you can read and track your results in one easy to use system. The smartLIGHT™ feature makes interpreting your results easier than ever, as it glows different colours to show you whether your blood sugar is above, below, or within your target range. Always forget to monitor your blood glucose? The Contour® Diabetes App can ping reminders to your phone, so you’ll never miss another blood glucose result.

Which test strips can I use with the Contour® Next One?

The Contour® Next One meter should only be used with Contour® Next test strips. These test strips use Sip-In® sampling which makes it simple to test the right amount of blood at the first try. This combined with the Second-Chance™ sampling feature means you have 60 seconds to apply more blood to the test if you don’t get enough right away, making repeat finger pricking a thing of the past. Do not attempt to use any other test strips with this product, as it could make your results less accurate. 

What is the smartLIGHT® feature?

The Contour® Next One has a unique smartLIGHT feature which will tell you if your blood glucose is within the target range at a glance. The blood glucose meter will read your results in just 5 seconds, with the smartLIGHT™ feature lighting up green, amber, or red, so you can figure out whether your blood glucose is on track in a flash. If you’re also using the Contour® Diabetes app, these results will be sent straight to your smartphone so you can track them in more detail.

What do the colours on the smartLIGHT® mean?

When you’re using your Contour® Next One, the monitoring system will light up red, yellow, or green, so you can see where your results lie at a glance.

  • Green – Your blood glucose is within the target range
  • Yellow – Your blood glucose is above the target range
  • Red – Your blood glucose is below the target range

How accurate is the Contour® Next One blood glucose testing meter?

The Contour® Next One blood glucose meter has been shown to be accurate to a remarkably accurate +/- 8.4%. This figure doesn’t just meet, but surpasses the industry standard, helping you to be sure that your results are accurate and reliable.

Can I use this meter for Alternative Site Testing (AST)?

The Contour® Next One system can be used for AST, specifically for taking samples from your hand. However, you should only do this if your doctor has recommended that AST is right for you and should not be used to calibrate your blood glucose monitoring device.

What is the Contour® Diabetes App?

The Contour® Diabetes App is the perfect companion to the Contour® Next One blood glucose monitoring system. It connects to the monitor via Bluetooth, sending your test results to your smartphone so you can track them easily. This can help you and your health care team notice patterns in your blood glucose levels and make changes accordingly. The app can also be used to set up reminders which may help you to test at the right times. You can use the Contour® Next One without the app if you wish to.

Is my phone compatible with the Contour® Diabetes App?

The Contour® Diabetes App works with most recent smartphones. If you’re using Apple devices, this app will work with any device that uses Apple iOS 8 and above. If you’re an Android user, this app will work with any device that uses Android Lollipop 5.0 and above. You can download the app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store on your device. For a full list of compatible smartphones, please see the Contour website.