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Contour Next One Meter And Strips

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Buy the CONTOUR®NEXT ONE meter and CONTOUR®NEXT 50 test strips bundle and save!

CONTOUR®NEXT ONE blood glucose meter

Simple to set up and easy-to-use the remarkably accurate CONTOUR®NEXT ONE seamlessly connects to the CONTOUR DIABETES App to capture all your blood glucose (BG) readings. The CONTOUR DIABETES App presents your BG results in a simple and easy-to-review way that's personalised to you. 


The smartLIGHT® feature provides instant feedback on blood glucose results with colour coding lights.

Amber = above target

Green = within target

Red = below target


Be alerted when your blood glucose levels are at a critical high or critical low level.

Add events to your readings

Help put your results into context by recording events such as diet, activities, medication and also add photos, notes or memos.

Second-Chance™ sampling

Gives you a 60 second opportunity to apply more blood if the first sample was insufficient, which helps to avoid the need for repeat finger pricking.

 CONTOUR®NEXT test strips

The CONTOUR®NEXT ONE meter uses CONTOUR®NEXT test strips to deliver a remarkably accurate result to enable you to make the best decisions. Accuracy standards allow blood glucose results taken on a meter to vary ±15 %* from a blood glucose test done in a laboratory.

The CONTOUR®NEXT ONE meter exceeds the standards at ±8.4%1-2 which gives you a result even closer to laboratory reference.

*EN ISO 15197 2015 accuracy standards allow an error margin of ±0.83 mmol/L at glucose concentrations <5.55 mmol/L or ±15% at glucose concentrations ≥5.55 mmol/L.

1. Christiansen M et al. Accuracy and user performance evaluation of a new blood glucose monitoring system in development for use with CONTOUR™NEXT test strips. Poster presented at the 15th annual meeting of the Diabetes Technology Society (DTS); October 22–24, 2015; Bethesda, Maryland. USA.
2. International Organization for Standardization. In vitro diagnostic test systems Requirements for blood glucose monitoring systems for self-testing in managing diabetes mellitus. Geneva, Switzerland: International Organization for Standardization; 2015.